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of a government shutdown here at home, we have democratic strategist steve mcmahon, and we welcome former texas senator kay bailey hutchison. ron, let me begin with you. i think we're going to put it up on the full screen. the democratic party, this guy got 30%. berlusconi, against cutting the budget and probably should be in jail for immorals charge, got 29%. then there's this comedian, grillo, he got 25%. monti got 10%. when you add it up, 54% are against budget cutting. ron, should we be worried about this? >> i don't think so, larry. come on, the market was looking for a reason to fall back here. what's going to go on in italy, gridlock is not going to be the worst thing. the market was looking for a reason to pull back, we've had quite a rally. >> do you agree with that? >> i think we should go back to the president's state of the union address on february 12th. that really was the end of our bull market. what did the president call for there? more government spending, more government intervention and higher tax rates. i think that's the threat to the u.s. stock market. you have over three
. our guests are david winston and steve mcmahon. later on we will take a closer look at the obama administration's plan to fight cyber attacks. first what is coming up on c- span radio. >> the main topics will be chuck hagel, gun control, but the fed the budget cuts, and the resignation of the pope. three years starting at noon eastern on c-span radio. "meet the press" at noon. john mccain, and mark kelly, co- founder of americans for responsible solutions on guns in america. at 1:00, guests include paul ryan, castro. chris wallace and lyndsay grahnm and rand paul. "state of the union" with jack reed and chuck schumer from new york. also, the chair of the house committee john rogers. haley barber, corey booker, and donald wharl. all starting at noone aste eastn on c-span radio. you can also listen with our free apps for your iphone, android, or black burry. -- blackberry. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> i think the women were interested in politics but had no ability to express that so they were a
. democrat steve mcmahon and republican john feehery. you first, feehery. you're laughing. jon stewart said it better than i have, that basically you're attacking a strawman, a guy who wants to take away everybody's guns, he wants to tax everybody to the hilt, a left wing bad guy. whereas obama comes in and most americans say point by point we're with him. how can both be true? >> well, listen, i think when the president talks about medicare, he says one thing and he does another. and i think at the end of the day if we're going to get any deal on medicare, he's actually got to not just make the proposals and then take them back. he's actually got to stick with them. and i think that what he has a habit of doing is talking out of both sides of his mouth about any of this entitlement reform. >> is he a left wing tyrannical socialist or not? yes or no? >> i think he governs from the left. i think he's a populist progressive who governs from the left, yes. i think that's right. >> is he tyrannical? is he a socialist? >> i don't think he's tyrannical, and i doubt he's a socialist. >> thank you.
"washington journal" a political roundtable with david winston and steve mcmahon on issues facing congress, including the sequester and federal spending. then cybersecurity with larry clinton. also, north korea's nuclear program. "washington journal" live at 7 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> on thursday, defense secretary leon panetta hosted a ceremony honoring former secretary of state hillary clinton. this event includes remarks by joint chiefs of staff chairman general martin dempsey. this is 45 minutes. >> present.♪ [playing "star spangled banner"] >> please be seated. ladies and gentlemen, the 18th chairman of the joint chief of staff, general martin dempsey. [applause] >> secretaries, flag officers, our guests today from the department of state, happy valentine's day. [laughter] the lore of martyrdom says that saint valentine was martyred because he was marrying soldiers who were forbidden to marry by the roman law of the day. he was a man who loved soldiers and servicemen and women. it is fitting in that regard that we are here to honor a recent and great secretary of state hillary cli
's "q&a." this morning, a political roundtable with david winston and steve mcmahon on issues facing contracts -- congress, facing contracts -- congress, including sequestration and
the likes of pat toomey, charlie crist and david dewhart. susan page and strategist steve mcmahon, welcome all, happy monday. ramesh i'll start with you. we know a lot of established republicans say you have to fight back in the primaries and get involved. this strikes me as something that will make things more divisive inside the republican party before it gets better. is that what the party needs? >> if you look at the reaction to this "new york times" story you get the distinct impressions a lot of republicans dislike each other more than the democrats and i think that's a a problem but the other question i have is how would this even looking backwards, how would this have made a difference in those races? if todd aiken is the example that was a three-way race, a tight three-way race, how would this group have picked one of the two candidates that would put him over the time. >> that anyone other than sharron angle would beat harry reid. there's a bunch of seats. >> and why do people think that the expenditure of a bunch of money is going to cause conservative voters in indiana to decid
and democratic strategist steve mcmahon. then a discussion on cyber security with the president and ceo of internet security alliance. and the president of the plow shares fund talks about north korea's nuclear program and his book, "bomb scare." washington journal, live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. tomorrow, live coverage of the forward crime rally on the national mall here in washington. speakers include a vote by the senator sheldon whitehouse, van jones and representatives from the sierra club. our live coverage begins at noon eastern here on c-span. >> i think the women in many cases were interested in politics but have no vehicle to express that in their own lives. so they were attracted to men who were going to become politically active or war already politically active. >> each of them i find intriguing. probably half of them precisely because they are so obscure. historically. half of these women probably would be almost totally unrecognizable to most men and women on the street. >> is president day, the new series first ladies, influence and images. with historians, chief o
here tonight, democrat steve mcmahon and republican john feehery. john, let's talk about your party and the way it wants to position itself on the whole issue of what happened in newtown. i don't mean necessarily gun laws particularly but the issues of background checks, the issues of mental health records. is there a role for the republican party in gun safety? strategically speaking? >> obviously, you see that with tom coburn. he certainly believes that there is. and i do think that tom coburn is -- this could be a nixon goes to china moment for tom coburn and the nra and gun safety. >> where is john feehery? where were you? do you want something done on gun safety or not? >> i would like something done on gun safety. i would like something done -- i would like a more aggressive effort to get guns away from violent criminals. i'd like to get guns out -- make sure they don't get in the hands of crazy people. that's where i am. and i think that we do need to have a more aggressive background check, and i have been pretty public on that. >> how about the president? does he have to re
saved everybody, but the last two people shot would be alive. >> let's go to steve mcmahon. what role is he playing for the president by being such a shotgun willy here? he's talking about get yourself a shotgun. he said it twice. i'm going to teach my wife to use it. get up on the cal bonny in our leafy neighborhood, let off a couple shots. this is what he's saying, not just have a gun but let off a couple shots in the direction or somewhere around the guy you think is trying to get in your house. it's pretty weird -- this isn't liberal talk. this isn't big city we're against guns talk at all. >> well, it's not, and it's -- >> what is it? >> it's talk like this -- it's regular joe talking to joe six pack about common sense gun control laws, and he's doing it because it's the middle, if you will, the people who could go either way on this who respect the first amendment -- sorry, the second amendment, who are hunters who may own guns. it's the obama administration and joe biden through joe biden sending a message we get the importance of second amendment. we understand the value of ow
strategist and purple strategies co-founder, steve mcmahon. good morning, gentleman. >> good morning. >> by my count, this is the fourth time eric cantor has tried to kind of rebrand the republican party, sort of switch gears on messaging. he is expected to tout new education initiatives, ways to simplify the tax code, kush health care costs, immigration reform. ron fournier with the "national journal," jonathan, asked this question -- "with a democratic tide threatening to crush the dpop, is it enough to just tweak talking points?" what do you say to that question? >> i think there's a tendency among policy maker, politicians who are in the legislative chamber all day, to be using this policy. they talk about the fiscal cliff, about entitlement reform, about debalancing the budget. but it's devoid of any value to the average voter. so fournier may have a point there, but i think it's critical for republicans to be talking about the values behind these policies, that we're always promoting. fiscal responsibility, why are we doing that? because that's a path to prosperity. i think tha
't have saved everybody, but the last two people shot would be alive. >> let's go to steve mcmahon to try to find out what he's saying here. let's try to disentangle the strange role he's playing. he's talking about get yourself a shotgun. he said it twice. i'm going to teach my wife to use it. get out on our balcony in our leafy neighborhood. let off a couple of shots. this is what he's saying. let it off around the guy who's getting in your house. that's pretty weird for -- this isn't liberal talk. this isn't a big city "we're against guns" talk at all. >> no, it's not. >> what is it? >> it's regular joe talking to joe six-pack about commonsense gun control laws and he's doing it because it's the middle, if you will. the people who could go either wi on this who respect the first amendment -- sorry, second amendment who are hunters and may own guns themselves. it's the obama administration and joe biden saying we get the importance of second amendment, we understand the value of owning a gun, we understand what it can do for people who want to protect their families. but there are limit
's bring in steve mcmahon hand michael steele. michael, force the defense, is the republican party capable of garnering all kinds of fringe voters, people on the very hard right, without having right wing candidates as your nominees and losing elections? how do they do both? >> look, this whole idea of having another pac is just to me -- it's just too out there. all you have to do to get together, organize at the state parties, put the state parties in charge of the political process. when i was state chairman, when i was a county chairman, i had to instill the discipline at the state level to make sure we were grooming and developing the kind of candidates you want to run. you just can't leave it to an open process and then swing in with yet another pac that's going to divert money away from the state, concentrated here for consultants and vendors in washington and then complain afterwards as we saw in 2012 when you get your clock cleaned again, oh, gee, it's the candidates, it's the state party. there's got to be a concerted effort by the rnc to get off their behinds, get involved in the
. >> i am joined by democratic strategist and co-founder of purple strategies steve mcmahon and republican strategist chris wilson. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> the president has a very tough political decision to make. he promised to do more to attack climate change in the state of the union and on the campaign trail and also promised to do more on jobs and transcanada that has the pipeline claims it would create 20,000 new jobs while some of the president's biggest supporters support the plan, so you got them on one side, steve, the environmentalists on the other side. what's he do? >> i think what first thing he should do is make a decision quickly because this is -- there is pressure building in the environmental community for the president not to do this, and i think there is also pressure on the other side from the unions which are another important constituency of the president to do this and so this is a decision going to make someone unhappy so no reason to drag it out. he ought to make the decision. >> bill mckibben, the founder of says approving
journal.," david winston and steve mcmahon on issues facing congress. then a discussion on cybersecurity with larry clinton. president of the plowshares fund talks about north korea's nuclear weapons. >> militantly leaders testify on the budget cuts known as sic sequestration. witnesses include the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey, deputy defense secretary ashton carter and other pentagon officials. this is two hours and 20 minutes. >> good morning, everybody. the committee meets this morning to consider the impacts of sequestration and the full- year continuing resolution on the department of defense. we welcome deputy secretary of defense ash carter and chairman of the joint steve's of staff martin dempsey, -- joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey. undersecretary of defense, controller robert hale. vice chief of naval operations. general james amos. chief of staff of the air force , general mark welch. chief of the national guard bureau, general frank grass. i like to start by thanking all of you for your continued service to our nation. please convey our th
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)